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Meet our Coaches

Andrea Dohány

Andrea Dohány brought synchronized skating to Sweden when founding Team Surprise. She has until 2018 successfully built up and coached the team to reach their full potential. Her innovation has resulted in the creation of new technical elements that today are mandatory for all teams. Since 2020 she has given her everything to Team Inspire, in parallel with continues work with single skaters and training educations abroad.

Gabriella Josefsson

Gabriella Josefsson started to skate at the age of 6 in Landvetter Figure Skating Club and have since then loved the sport. As a novice she skated with Team Bluebird, the novice team, and combined it with single skating. As a junior, Gabriella skated for the national team in singles, and in 2013 she started to skate with Team Surprise where she skated until 2018. Since 2018 she has been a part of training educations led by Andrea and within the coaching team in Landvetter coaching the youngest skaters taking their first steps on the ice, all the way up to Team Inspire. Outside figure skating Gabriella works as a building manager within civil engineering through a trainee position at Framtidens Samhällsbyggare.

Magdalena Sivertsson Parneryd

Magdalena Sivertsson Parneryd started skating at 4 years of age in Kungsbacka and got involved in synchronized skating when she turned 13. She skated in Team Surprise between 2003 to 2009. After her carrier as a skater in Surprise, she started coaching the team. At first, she was team Leader on a distance due to studies and then as a coach and team leader. From her skating carrier, she especially remembers the World Championships 2005 in Gothenburg and 2007 in Canada. During the skates, the areas were on fire.

Nathalie Josefsson

Nathalie Josefsson started figure skating when she was 7 years old in Landvetter Figure Skating Club. At the age of 9, she started with synchronized skating and 4 years later joined Team Surprise and was a part of the team between 2009-2018, with her last competition at Worlds in Stockholm. Nathalie has been a part of training educations lead by Andrea around Europe and is now combining coaching Team Inspire with employment as a senior manufacturing engineer within the automotive industry.

Nathalie Lindqvist

Nathalie Lindqvist started skating at the age of 3 in Landvetter Figure Skating Club. During her years as a figure skater, she has competed in both single and synchronized skating. At the age of 8, she started in Team Bluebird, the novice team in her home club. In the 2010/2011 season, she started skating in Team Surprise and made her last season in 2017/2018 by competing in the World Championships in Stockholm. "The best memories I have are from all the fantastic competitions I have competed in and especially the World Championships in Gothenburg 2012." In recent years she has been a part of Andrea's coaching team where she teaches her philosophy about figure skating and synchro. In addition, she works as an insurance specialist at Nordea and is a mother of her two children.

Angelina Allen

Choreographer and mental coach 

Angelina Allen works with elite athletes and performing artists to help them maximize their performance potential. She has danced for one of the world’s leading dance companies, GöteborgsOperans DansKompani, for nearly two decades. Angelina is a certified Embodiment Coach and holds a degree in Psychology from Stanford University.

Emma Håkansson

Physical therapist

Emma Håkansson is working as a physical therapist at a clinic in Ulricehamn and with the skaters in Team Inspire. After the education at the University of Gothenburg, she has further education within sports medicine and the Optimum-method. She always had a special interest för sports medicine, including rehabilitation and preventive training. Therefore, she really likes working with the skaters in Team Inspire with injury prevention training, as well as rehabilitation.